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"Massage is really my thing."


I now have more than 15 years of work experience in the massage and wellness industry. I’m trained as a holistic masseur in various massage styles, including relaxation, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage), Hotstone, Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy Massage. 


I keep developing myself by following various courses such as Yoga Nidra teacher, Breathing Coaching and new massage techniques.


I believe that massage and relaxation are essential for body and mind and can contribute to personal and spiritual growth. Through my personal approach, all my treatments are tuned to your personal needs. This does not only provides intense relaxation, but it can also help you achieve certain goals and prevent forms of stress and injury.


I offer various treatments including; Relaxation Massage, Deep Tissue, Ayurveda, Pregnancy Massage, and various beauty treatments.


Tip! Highly recommended is my self-developed Aloha Yoga Massage where all my knowledge and experience come together. I also apply other disciplines such as breathing exercises, coaching, and various relaxation techniques.


In addition, I also offer various forms of massage training, including my own Aloha Yoga Massage.


"Massage to give; knowledge to share."

- Aimée Friend


Aloha Yoga massage

This is "the massage" where I look at your whole being. Muscle knots, energy blockages your breathing all these parts play a role in your total well-being.

During this massage I use forearm massage techniques and I can also use passive stretching and stretching, hot stones, tuning forks and other massage tools.

Relaxation massage

A wonderfully relaxing massage that combines western and eastern techniques

Pregnancy massage

From 12 weeks until the last days of your pregnancy you can come to me for a wonderful relaxing massage. I work with a nice, professional maternity massage table with cutouts for the abdomen and breasts so that you can lie on your stomach and receive good support.

Ayurvedic massage

A massage from India where a lot of healing oil will be used to give the body a better balance. A gentle massage that nourishes the skin and relaxes the mind.

Connective tissue facial massage

An intensive connective tissue facial massage where the lymph fluid is drained and the connective tissue is stimulated. This gives you a better blood flow, you get tighter in your skin and creates a nice lifting effect.

Deep Tissue massage

A slow deep massage treatment where you go deep into the tissue. During this treatment I use minimal amount of oil for a good deep grip.

Celluma (LED) Light Therapy


Deep Tissue Bamboe massage

A deep massage treatment in which I use heated bamboo sticks to go deep into the tissue. During this treatment I use my hands and bamboo sticks for a powerful release.

Hotstone massage

A nice relaxing treatment where you are massaged with warm Basalt and Jade stones. This gives the body a deep relaxation and muscle nodes melt away and toxins are removed.

Brow shape & tint

Waxing / depilating and coloring the eyebrows


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