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Release, Relax, Unwind

Hey my name is —  



Aimee Friend

"Holistic Wellness really is my thing."


With over 15 years of experience in the beauty- and wellness industry,

I am trained as a holistic masseur and OrganicTouch beautician


It is my passion to restore the balance of body and skin in a natural way, the common thread being massage


The Éminence OrganicTouch beauty treatment (winner of the Dutch beauty award 2020) is an excellent way to improve the muscle and connective tissue and the skin condition of your face at the same time..


In addition, I  offer various body massages including relaxation-, deep tissue- and pregnancy massage. My signature massage (and the most popular) is the Aloha Yoga Massage. 


The OrganicTouch and Relax discount packages that I offer are a real treat.I make sure both your body and face get the necessary attention.

First I make sure your body is completely relaxed and in balance again and then I make your face shine! And all of this, of course, for a very affordable price!


My approach is directed by your specific needs. Together we decide upon your personal goals and I help you to achieve them. My treatments help to prevent stress and injury, and provide beauty and intense relaxation.


Tip! New on the menu is Celluma Light Therapy. This light energy improves the health of your skin cells to prevent skin aging, fight pain and fight active acne.

You can only book a Celluma treatment in a combination package.

- Aimée Vriend



Reiki behandeling

Aloha Yoga massage

This is "the massage" where I look at your whole being. Muscle knots, energy blockages your breathing all these parts play a role in your total well-being.
During this massage I use forearm massage techniques and I can also use passive stretching and stretching, hot stones, tuning forks and other massage tools.

Close up of pregnant belly..jpg

Pregnancy massage

From 12 weeks to the last days of your pregnancy you can come to me for a wonderful relaxing massage. I work with a nice, professional pregnancy massage table with recesses for the abdomen and breasts, so that you can lie on your stomach and receive good support.

Therapist doing massage around shoulder

Deep tissue massage

A slow deep massage treatment where you go deep into the tissue. During this treatment I use minimal amount of oil for a good deep grip.

Image by Christin Hume

Ayurvedic massage

A massage from India in which a lot of healing oil will be used to give the body a better balance. A gentle massage that nourishes the skin and soothes the mind.

Before and After

Beauty Treat

If you only want to have your eyebrows plucked, tinted, dyed eyelashes or have your upper lip waxed, book a BeautyTreat!!!!

cosmetologist makes a buccal massage of the patient's facial muscles..jpg

The Organic Sculpt Facial 75 min

Connective tissue massage and buccal massage techniques are used in this caring facial treatment. This improves blood circulation in the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin is renewed and strengthened.

Top view of smiling black lady getting lifting face massage on white background. Relaxed a

The Organic all-in facial 90 min

A tailor-made facial treatment that focuses on your wishes. During the treatment we use one of our Organic Peels to improve skin structure, pigmentation and fine lines. We also offer our signature deep tissue massage, The Organic Sculpt. This massage uses connective tissue, buccal and lymphatic drainage techniques for a beautiful sculpting effect and a radiant glow.


The Organic Classic Facial 60 min

A classic facial treatment in which cleansing and care are central, using 100% natural products. During the treatment, we discuss together the goal of the treatment, the skin condition and we draw up a treatment plan. After the treatment you will receive appropriate skin advice.

Rug massage

Relaxation massage

A wonderfully relaxing massage that combines western and eastern techniques

CP-Red AntiAging Over Face.jpg

Celluma (LED) Light Therapy



AkwaTerra Massage

Experience a fusion of earth and water elements, designed to melt away deep muscle tension and aches. Using Akwaterra sandstone pods, this treatment targets specific areas of tension through a rhythmic sequence. The heated ergonomic pods provide a continuous flow of heat, ensuring you are enveloped in comfort and relaxation. This detoxifying massage leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.


The Holistic Face Sculpting Massage
60 minutes

This holistic and skin-improving facial massage focuses on the connection between body and mind. During the treatment I use gemstones, tuning forks and guasha tools. In addition, connective tissue and buccal massage techniques are applied, which improves blood circulation in the skin and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. This creates an ultimate connection between body and mind for a beautiful glow.

Close-up of a woman's face. The beautician makes a chemical peel. Skin care concept..jpg

The Organic Peel Facial 75 min

A classic facial treatment in which cleansing and care are central, using 100% natural products. During the treatment we choose one of our Organic Peels to improve the skin structure, pigmentation and fine lines. Also available as a cure.





Aimée Vriend


Lutmastraat 180

Door number 2

1073 HG Amsterdam


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